BABS rates Ron’s 50-round D&H team

I just completed a 50-round snake in an NFBC “Draft Champions” (Draft & Hold) format, with 14 other speakers from the First Pitch Arizona conference. I used the BABS spreadsheet published late last month, although I veered a bit from the plan.

I fully embraced the BABS ratings, but opted to eschew the targets. Instead, I just grabbed the best...

Ron Shandler


is considered one of the pioneers in the baseball analysis and fantasy baseball industry.

Beginning in 1986, Ron was the first to develop sabermetric applications for fantasy play. His Baseball Forecaster annual celebrated its 30th anniversary edition in 2016 and the ground-breaking website he founded - - celebrated 20 years online. Also:

Columnist, (2019-), (2007, 2015-2018), USA Today (2008-2014)

24 Top Three finishes in national experts leagues since 1994

Advisor, St. Louis Cardinals (2004)

FSTA Lifetime Achievement Award

FSWA Hall of Fame

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