The Rotisserie Hall of Fame – A Reboot

In the earlier part of this decade, I embarked on a pet project to create a Baseball Hall of Fame based solely on fantasy league merit.

This is different from the BBWAA process that leads to a plaque in Cooperstown. The BBWAA awards reverence based on objective performance criteria, but also subjective criteria like “character.” They tell us that the only thing that matters is wins and losses,...

Ron Shandler


is considered one of the pioneers in the baseball analysis and fantasy baseball industry.

Beginning in 1986, Ron was the first to develop sabermetric applications for fantasy play. His Baseball Forecaster annual celebrated its 30th anniversary edition in 2016 and the ground-breaking website he founded - - celebrated 20 years online. Also:

Columnist, (2007, 2015- ), USA Today (2008-2014)

24 Top Three finishes in national experts leagues since 1994

Advisor, St. Louis Cardinals (2004)

FSTA Lifetime Achievement Award

FSWA Hall of Fame

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How I Did This Summer

Here’s hoping your 2018 fantasy baseball season has been a success. The final BABS ratings have been posted to the site.

With the completion of the fantasy season, it’s time to look back and see how I fared in 2018.

Not well.

In fact, 2018 has been a year I...

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BABS arms ready to take the next step up

by Patrick Cloghessy

According to BABS, in 2017 Patrick Corbin pitched a full season of essentially "asset-less" baseball. She then tabbed him with a (F,e) rating entering 2018. That is not the profile of a breakout star. Some of us may have seen Corbin’s mostly dynamic 2nd half in 2017. He...

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Intriguing BABS “No-timers” for 2019

by Patrick Cloghessy

Once BABS gets past the full-timers, mid-timers and part-timers, we arrive at the "no-timers." These are players who were on virtually nobody's radar last spring. Atop the list of no-timers are the small sample size studs. Many of these players are setting September on fire. They are...

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Undervalued middle infield options for 2019

by Chris Doyle

Much has been said about the complete lack of depth at the catcher position in recent years. Finding a difference maker is next to impossible outside the top few options and it’s getting to a point where accepting little production out of that spot is common.


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BABS September 2018 Update – Batters

by Patrick Cloghessy

The seeds of next year’s draft crop were sown this spring. On average, Christian Yelich (p,SB,A+) came off the board this year at pick 45.  Yelich’s monstrous fantasy season, coupled with his (BABS-certified) skills are certain to drive his price much higher next season. The same can...

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