The BABS Project

The landmark study that created the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS) will change the way you view fantasy baseball roster construction. Immerse yourself in the system so you can get the most out of each spring's BABS Draft Suite, which offers all the tools you need for a successful draft.

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Why We Need
a New System

The Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS)

BABS in Practice

2024 BABS Draft Suite

Ron Shandler’s ground-breaking Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (BABS) has been creating thousands of fantasy winners since 2015. Here is what is included in the Draft Suite:

  1. BABS ratings, asset group rankings and cheat sheets for 2024 drafts 
  2. Risk Costs, an innovate method to manage your own risk budget.
  3. Ron’s personal analyses that uncover your best targets and players to avoid.
  4. Custom reports from the BABS Database: If you are in an AL/NL-only league, want lists sorted alphabetically, by ADP or position, the database can meet your needs.
  5. Mailbags: Ask your questions — We’ll select the most interesting posers for insightful answers.
  6. BABS ratings for RotoLab software: Run your BABS draft with the best software on the market. Once you try it, you’ll never go back. (Only buyers get the unlock key. Software sold separately.)
  7. BABS Baseball leagues: This innovative Rotisserie-style format offers 10-team leagues with 50-man rosters and BABS-relevant categories.