The final in-season update of the BABS database is posted now.

6 thoughts on “BABS UPDATE

  1. Michael Cabelin

    This is great. I get hung up on stats, but when I look at the Assets columns and see comparable players it gives me a better perspective. Everyone drools over Bellinger, but I got Pham as a free agent and though not sexy, very bit as valuable this season. Drafting pitching in an NL-only keeper league looked bleak. Gerrit Cole was the highest ranked pitcher on the board was long gone. I drafted pitching late and landed Straily. Turns out their stats are similar.

    My greatest takeaway was I trusted BABS in-draft. I really felt like I was in control at all times. By looking at players in similar asset groupings, I wasn’t thrown when Brandon Finnegan got picked, so I calmly drafted Straily instead.

    There were missteps- I drafted Tommy Joseph and Eric Thames much too high. I wanted power and thought I had it covered. RBIs isn’t usually a problem for me, but that HRs are simply awful. Not sure how to evaluate that yet. He’s still in my lineup, but I’m none too happy with Peraza.

    Anyways, I’m currently in 2nd, only 1 point back. BABS has made this season extremely fun and looking forward to drafting with her again next year!

    1. shandler Post author

      The beauty of BABS. She is glorious!

  2. Patrick ONeill

    Thanks for the update Ron.

    Some of my draftees, free agent pickups and early trades have really paid off in Chris Taylor, Conforto, Alex Wood, Straily, and Robbie Ray. I’m in a NL-only keeper league and didn’t have much to start with so pretty happy as I am in the money and really setup well for next year.

    Most traditional projections had me dead last after the draft, except BABS which had me near the top. Looking forward to next year with a full season under my belt. I’m a believer.

    Will there be a year-end update and when can we expect 2018 Projections?

    1. shandler Post author

      There will definitely be a year-end update in early October. 2018 ratings will come some time over the winter – probably an initial data set in January.

      1. Randal Divinski

        Do the in-season ratings rely exclusively on data from that season? (If not, what would distinguish a year-end 2017 rating from a pre-season 2018 rating?)

        1. shandler Post author

          In-season ratings are exclusively current 2017 performance.

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