Can BABS really be used during the season?

In the recent readership survey, I received no fewer than a dozen comments about using BABS during the season. "How do I use it? How can it help me? Is it even a viable tool?"

These are difficult questions.

We want to be able to use BABS during the season....

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Our overflowing disabled lists

This is my ESPN Insider column for the week.

When we draft our teams each year, we count on the higher-ranked players to be more productive, more reliable and to spend more time on the field than on the disabled list.

It’s a valiant expectation. But history shows that...

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BABS Database Update – May 2017

Six weeks into the season, we would normally expect the dust to start clearing on player performance. However, the excessive number of disabled list stays is wreaking havoc with that. I'll be writing more about it in my ESPN piece this week.

In the interim, I updated the BABS database...

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Eric Thames and skills ownership

This is my ESPN Insider column for the week.

Twenty years ago, I coined a simple aphorism: "Once a player displays a skill, he owns it." It came about from experiencing the 1996 breakout performance of Henry Rodriguez. After four nondescript seasons in the majors, Rodriguez exploded in 1997...

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Taking DFS to Task in “Dueling with Kings”

Most people know my strong opinion when it comes to daily fantasy sports (DFS). From my annual disclosure statement: “I think daily fantasy sports (DFS) are an excellent, exciting variant that requires a different skills set in order to excel. I think the...

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Not-so-bold May projections

This is my ESPN Insider column for the week. It was written on Monday, posted on Tuesday.

So, April is now over. Thank goodness for that. We are living in a brand new world where last year's Cy Young contenders are sporting 5.00-plus ERAs and the Colorado Rockies are in...

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When should you start taking things seriously?

This is my ESPN Insider column for the week.

For some of us, it's been an agonizing season so far, hasn't it?

Last week, the following was posted on the message board here at

"After one week, Eric Thames (pictured) was doing well but Brandon Belt was a free...

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Alternatives to the FAAB process

This week’s ESPN Insider column, appearing every Friday.

The wanton waste in the free agent market continues unabated. This past weekend, in Tout Wars:

Avisail Garcia (pictured), $188. Highest losing bid, $127. (I bid $45.) Wasted: $61.

Robbie Grossman, $87. Highest losing bid, $32. Wasted: $55.

Lonnie Chisenhall, $37. Highest...

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Every so often, something about a player will rise to my consciousness. A hidden indicator. A revelation that wakes me up at night. I'll call these periodic posts Player Premonitions.

I am always intrigued by players who go undrafted in 15-team mixed leagues with 6-man reserves, and then draw hefty...

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