FAAB, Vickrey and the cost of automation

Anyone who has been reading me for more than a decade probably knows that I hate the FAAB process for in-season free agent acquisition. In fact, my first "Why I Hate FAAB" column ran in 2005.

In short, I can't come to terms with a blind bidding process that wastes...

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Making Winning Trades With BABS

by Dan Gottfried

For many, trading is a favorite part of playing fantasy baseball. If you are the type of owner who will trade almost any player at almost any time, BABS can be a big help. Using BABS, you can appear to give up more than you receive in...

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BABS help on the farm

by Chris Doyle

We’re at the point in the season where many heralded prospects have already made the leap, while others are waiting in the wings for their chance. But what about some other minor leaguers knocking on the door? There are plenty of players who could help you...

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Teoscar, Nimmo and the BABS narrative

by Patrick Cloghessy

Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, Jose Altuve. The headliners. The crossover superstars. These men attract the casual fan.  Long form personal profiles and ad campaigns mythologize and deify them in the public consciousness.  These things help define the narrative. Fantasy owners are human too. We love these guys.


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The BABL Manipulation, part 2

So, we ran into an issue with the BABS Baseball (BABL) exhibition, described here. Briefly, one of the owners, Matt, figured out that he could nearly guarantee success in two categories (IP, K) if he completely eschewed one (Sv+Hld). I asked the BABL owners four questions:


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A BABS Perspective on Under and Overachievers

by Chris Doyle

By now we’ve had a solid couple of months to analyze player performance. On the hitting side, we’ve seen plenty of standouts and disappointments, but when it comes to BABS’ assessments there are some clear underachievers and overachievers.

Here are six players whose performances have...

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Turning over the Tout Apple Cart

When the Florida Marlins purged their roster this past off-season, a reason given was that their cache of stars was not winning them anything. One could argue that acquiring a few pieces could have been the quicker path to contention, but other teams have had success by tearing everything down...

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