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The BABS Project – Introduction

BABS blank roster grid (MS Excel)
Average draft position rankings from the National Fantasy Baseball Championship

How I did this summer OCT 2
How are these three players together? AUG 12
2018 BABS All-Stars JULY 13
The major impact of a minor rule change  APR 23
Tout Wars, BABS and the changing marketplace  MAR 19
Introducing the BABL owners  FEB 7
Navigating the shallow 2018 catcher pool  FEB 1
Five named to Rotisserie Hall of Fame  JAN 16

Reader survey: Is BABS here to stay?  MAY 29
Go big or go home: My Tout Wars team MAR 28
Embracing the grey MAR 14
Dangers of chasing profit FEB 24
What are the odds of finishing in the money after a slow start?

2 thoughts on “Free Goodies Page

  1. Chris Davis

    My nephew bought your yearly fantasy baseball book. He has some features I thought I would also get on your site, such as tiers and Pitcher/hitter lists for auction and adp with projected stats. Are these things on the site or is that another site.
    Chris Davis

    1. shandler Post author publishes that book. Head over there for what you are looking for.

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