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Surprise pitchers who could be for real

This is my weekly article for ESPN Insider.

There is a reason why four starting pitchers had first round ADPs last month. Elite pitching is precious and scarce. So if there is any hint that some new stars could be emerging, free agent foragers will be all over them.


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Deconstructing Ozzie Albies

by Chris Doyle

Usually scouts have an idea of who players are before they reach the major leagues.

“Player X is a power-speed guy who has the potential to go 20-20 someday.”

“Player Y throws hard but he has command issues.”

That said, every now and then someone surprises even...

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Surprise batters who could be for real

This is my weekly article for ESPN Insider.

It's barely two weeks into the season and we are still within the period of insufficient sample sizes. Most batters have fewer than 40 plate appearances. Starting pitchers have appeared maybe three times. And yet, fantasy owners have been scouring the free...

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BABS and points league observations

by Justin Cary

BABS is a great tool to identify skills and asset groups that can assist you in grabbing value to reap profits in order to win leagues. However, marrying BABS to a points league can be more difficult than in a typical Rotisserie format. There is some variation...

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Assessing risk in a team context

This is my weekly article for ESPN Insider.

One week into the season, there are already more than two dozen players from the ADP Top 300 who are either on the disabled list or demoted to the minors. Roster churn waits for nobody.

But it reminds us that team evaluation...

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Opening week standouts

By Chris Doyle

Jumping to conclusions is hard to avoid this early in the season.

Winters are long and spring training is noisy, so when we finally get some legitimate data it’s easy to get caught up. One of the most satisfying things to do is proclaim how right you...

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