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Betts, Fowler Top the BABS Leaderboard

Through nearly two months, we are starting to see some of the early season's extreme performances settling down. But even within that settlement, there are a few players who are taking that next step up.

A reminder about how to use the chart:

Batters and pitchers, individually, are ranked by...

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Negotiating Change, part 2

In Part 1, I attempted to orchestrate some change in the free agent bidding process by working up negative backlash towards live bidding events in order to sell the idea of the Vickrey Method. The email exchange continues…

JOSH PALEY, 2000 CDM Diamond Challenge Winner: As for which auction...

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Negotiating Change, part 1

The Tout Wars experts leagues made a constitutional change this season that eliminated a rule that had been in place for about a decade. After a bunch of wrangling, Tout tossed the Vickrey method for free agent bidding.

There were two reasons for this change, only one of which was...

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My Grievances Against Fan-Kings

I recently received an email from a respected colleague and industry leader. He asked me, “What are your grievances against Fanduel and DraftKings?”

Several long-time industry friends have asked me similar questions over the past year. I am one of the few fantasy industry veterans who has not fallen into...

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Important Articles – Please Read

The following three articles are important updates on current DFS legislation. If you are about to click away because you don’t play DFS, stop. This directly affects season-long games. 

Fanduel and DraftKings have been pushing forward their own goals at the expense of the industry as a whole. That is why...

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Early BABS Observations

As noted on Tuesday, early season's extreme performances will take some time to settle down, and that's reflected in the early BABS ratings. No, Aledmys Diaz is not the best player in baseball, but BABS sure does like his skills in those small-sample April ABs. The next few full-timers, however,...

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The First BABS In-Season Update

On the other side of the links below, you'll find the first BABS spreadsheet update of the young season.

It is important to point out just how young 2016 really is. If a single baseball season represented someone's full lifespan, today would herald the onset of puberty. And for those...

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