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The BABS Guide to DFS

If you missed my previous DFS articles, they are here (free) and here (not free).

Assuming you've read them, let's jump right in.

My DFS planning process typically takes about 60-75 minutes, sometimes less. Depending upon my schedule on a given day, I might prep my starting pitcher...

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DFS

Love DFS? Hmm.

Perhaps to my detriment in this changing world, I am not a gambler. I started playing fantasy sports back in the mid-1980s for the intellectual challenge and the camaraderie. The money was a nice carrot at the end of the season, but it was never even remotely...

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BABS In-Season

The concept of assessing talent using broad measures, and balancing assets and liabilities, applies to all stages of the baseball season. Even though our drafts are over, the need to evaluate talent does not end.

BABS works just as hard during the season as in the weeks leading up to...

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Fantasy Curmudgeon

(FREE ARTICLE) Mort lives down the street from me. He is probably in his late 70s, is a huge Yankees fan, reformed gambler (as he describes himself) and has been playing fantasy for about 10 years. Whenever I run into him, he cracks me up; admittedly, I feed him. The...

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A BABS-Eye View of the Pennant Races

(FREE ARTICLE) The last time I attempted pre-season standings projections was when Bill Clinton was faithful. I’ve always considered them a fun exercise with nearly no basis in reality (like Bill’s exploits, I suppose). Opening Day is just a starting point for a season full of roster activity, so to...

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