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Broad Assessment Balance Sheet – March 27 Update

I'm a few days early, but here are the BABS spreadsheets updated for Mixed leagues, with data as of March 26. This will be the final update before Opening Day.

The updated files (both Excel and html online) include the new indicators for on base average. The ADPs and converted...

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The Lower Depths of BABS

The Asset and Liability ratings generated by BABS hold no bias towards playing time. Whether you are a 600-AB full-timer or a 100-AB backup catcher, your skills and risks are evaluated on the same scale. However, those who are in line for significant playing time do get pushed up in...

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BABS Goes to Tout Wars

AL/NL-only leagues are incredibly challenging, moreso today than when they were first introduced in 1984. The burgeoning disabled list, platooning and incessant roster turnover have diminished the importance of Draft Day. In redraft leagues, it’s particularly difficult to achieve an optimal roster structure. And if just one owner employs a...

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If Every Player Was Healthy

Here is where the beauty of BABS really comes into play.

Players with overriding Liabilities – from health to experience to playing time opportunity – are never accurately portrayed by current rating and ranking systems. There is no better time to show this than spring training.

Several young players are...

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Broad Assessment Balance Sheet – March 16 UPDATE

The BABS spreadsheets have now been updated for American League-only and National League-only leagues, with data as of March 15. The mixed league spreadsheet will be updated on March 29.

The updated files (both Excel and html online) include the new indicators for on base average. The ADPs remain those...

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BABS in Leagues with Alternative Rules

BABS provides a different way of thinking about roster management in fantasy leagues, but it's virtually impossible for one system to be all things to all formats. Leagues with alternative rules or hybrid structures are going to require a bit of tweaking. However, there are some underlying facts that are...

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BABS in Keeper Leagues

When thinking about BABS in keeper leagues, it is helpful to start by defining what makes a player protectable from one season to another. It really comes down to one broad statement:

Any player that you would not be able to get back in the draft at his current price,...

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BABS in Auctions

I've been playing in auction leagues for 30 years. And for 30 years I've worried about optimal budgeting, getting the best values and not overpaying for players. I've agonized over whether to go an extra buck, how long to stay in bidding wars and making sure I spent all my...

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BABS Gets Packaged Up

MEMBERS: Link to free PDF appears at end of this post.

So, the book is essentially done, at least done enough that I can wrap it up with a nice bow and create a single PDF file. That is available now. Look in the right column. See it? Good.


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